Balance is never easy at first

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When you took your first steps, you didn’t have an easy time. Chances are you fell over many times before you began to understand balance. That’s how it is for most things new to you, never judge yourself too harshly for falling to achieve balance in your first steps.

If you wanna do something big…

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I’m learning that if you wanna do something big, or important to you, expect that most of us won’t understand it and reaching your idea of success can (and depending on the scale, probably will) take years. This is just part of the process. If it wasn’t this way, you wouldn’t maintain your idea of success for very long even after you obtained it. For me, patience has proven itself to be more than a word. On the bright side, I think the system keeping you out is the same system that – afterwards – keeps you up.

And you know what? It’s difficult at times. Those of us continuously striving for more are fighting 2 battles, not one. The external battles, the change we’re trying to bring about in the world, and the internal ones.

Show up

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Showing up to support others at their events is important. Because whether you’re an artist, entrepreneur, or freelancer, the common denominator is people. We’re not going to be able to make it everywhere all the time but we can use our time wisely. Giving our time without thinking of the return is certainly one of the most generous things we can do.

Compare your work not yourself

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Here’s a valuable tip from Chase Jarvis: you want to compare your work to the work of other people. You can constantly find ways of improving this way. What you don’t want to do is compare *yourself* to other people.

It’s a good practice, and I feel like I’m only just now understanding this after years of that kind of unproductive, unhelpful thinking. It’s so easy to compare yourself to others. When you don’t have what they do, you’re judging yourself. When you have something they don’t, you’re judging them. And all for what? It acts an an unnecessary impediment to our work. You know, the stuff that’s actually important.

Solving difficult problems w/ time

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Allowing time to pass before moving forward on a problem can sometimes prove to be necessary. When we’re in the moment, we struggle to look at things outside of our perspective. We’re running full speed with blinders on. Fortunately, time enables us to see past problems from different angles and that’s a gift.

Beyond the surface

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What’s normal for me and you could be 2 very different things and if we should disagree with different opinions on a particular subject; I’m sure the reasons why would be more apparent if we could better see and understand the other person’s point of view. Many times, we have to employ empathy. Most people have experienced something we haven’t and not taking that for granted is important for all of us. If we could all instantly translate thoughts and feelings through telepathy, the world would be a very understanding and connected place. Our closest tools enable us only as far as we use them, so social media doesn’t necessarily make us more open minded because we allow ourselves to be bubbled in with opinions like ours.

When it comes to people, there’s almost always more below the surface.

Embracing imperfections

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If life were as easy as computers, we’d all have it pretty good. We’d have an undo button (and the keyboard shortcut to get to it faster) anytime we mess something up. We’d edit what we say more before it goes out into the social world. But we can’t do that. We’re all humans and are imperfect. And the only option that leaves us smelling like a rose is to embrace it.

Blackberries and Bluetooth headsets

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They were everywhere and now they’re nowhere. They use to be the symbol for business – for people with schedules and lots of planning in their day. And now smartphones encompass the world of the kids and older folks. Almost all of phones have the same capabilities now. Today, everyone has the tools and the only difference is how we spend our time. The barrier to making your dreams come true is lower than ever before and all that’s required is for you to notice the opportunity and make the choice to pursue it.


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I love NYC. There’s always something to do and it’s a great people watching city. One thing I couldn’t help but notice is that some people complain that everyone in New York is cold and rude.

My experience has – overall – been the opposite. The city seems warm and bustling. I think it’s wonderful there. Always something to do. A lot of people are very friendly, social, and likely to just strike up a random conversation. I’ve witnessed this in action many times and have had it happen myself. They’re also helpful – ask any one of them for directions, you’ll find where you need to go. Now, to be fair, I’ve seen seemingly cold and reserved people everywhere I go and NY is no exception. But it’s certainly not focal part of my experience.

All I’ll say is the random conversations that pop up and friendly personalities I’ve met have been rather frequent during my visits there.

Do the right thing even when it’s hard

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Sometimes, bad things happen because the people who know better don’t always do the right thing. When we don’t, we’re usually aware we’re taking steps in the wrong direction but we’re also seeking to relieve tension. Paraphrasing Brian Tracy, high performers do activities that are goal achieving and failures do what’s tension relieving. I believe it’s true, many people attempt to flee the moment they feel pressure and it makes it difficult to achieve basic tasks. We should value our time better than to only pursue short term wins.