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We all have different degrees of privilege and one of the hallmarks of it is ignorance; not knowing what we aren’t afflicted by. We benefit in many ways in the world

Race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, parents, education, upbringing, location, and simple timing and luck are all factors in privilege. For many of us, in some unexpected ways. I had a really peaceful day today and didn’t encounter any dangerous situations nor did I expect one to occur. In that way, I’m very privileged. Many people wake up – even in America – in fear for their safety. I think we need to keep this in mind.

The first price

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Value is in the eye of the beholder. The first price good a salesperson will give you is usually higher than they really want for it. Many times they expect you to haggle, but like it more when you accept the first price.

They do this a lot in NYC and when appropriate, I haggle to get closer to a more fair value. My aunt says they hate to see money walk. I agree.


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Expectations are almost made to be broken. They’re like toys you can find at the dollar store: they’re cheap and break easy. If being on this planet has taught me anything, it’s that the world in our heads can sometimes be far off from the outside world and that we should keep our expectations and desires in check.


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I gotta tell ya, keeping up with a daily blog can be a lot to keep up with. Especially when you are traveling around. I’ve realized it takes a lot of discipline and observation to constantly put your thoughts in the world and stand behind it. Also, I’m glad I’ve made it over 120 days (and counting!)

The idea to do this came from the mind of Seth Godin, he has a daily blog and stands behind his belief that everyone should have one. I figured why not, can’t hurt. I believe it’s the extra things we do creatively that sets us apart and gives us our edge.

But a daily blog post done at night is a pain in the butt and I might have to insist on doing it early in the morning from now on.

Norms and fit

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Every place you go is going to have a set of norms and we judge “fit” by the way we interact with our environment. Assuming the environment is a good place, it works in our favor to be kind, generous, a team player, helpful, and to show character. These are (almost) universally accepted ways of fitting in anywhere.


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Spending a lot of time on your phone overall vs. using it heavily even when you’re socializing with others is 2 very different things, in my opinion. Not many people will hold it against you for using your phone often. They could remember it for a long time, however, if you seem inattentive because of it.


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Our biggest asset is our time and how we use it. We can choose to waste it by not seeing out our potential in business, love, life, etc. Or we can choose to do exactly that. I just think the key is to become proactive in that one area. To only dip our toes in the pool of the things we actually want to dive in is just a waste of potential.

With freelancers,

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You’re usually not just paying for the service. You’re also paying for all the experience accumulated to render it. Anyone can run around with a camera and take pictures. A photographer takes professional photographs. The difference in quality can be years apart. Something freelancers will often hear is “oh, my nephew can do that and I can pay him less for it.” Well, let them pay less for it if they’re able to. That’s the beauty of our system, you can choose the quality of a job you want done.

Freelancers set their value for their service and stick with it, providing discounts if (and that’s a big if) necessary.


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The internet opened the pathway to vastly more knowledge and community for all of us to benefit from. No longer do we have to rely on our immediate surroundings because we get to pick what we learn and we can hear it from the best in the world; many of whom will share their perspective and understanding openly on the internet. The privilege to pull up books and keynote speeches – on demand, at our fingertips – has never existed in the history of the world until now. Really, the only requirement demanded of us is drive.

The desire to make change, acknowledging that we don’t know everything and that we can always know more, and simple practicality can literally reinvent our lives if we let it.

Powerless thinking is bad

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What we think is important and not all of our thoughts will empower us. The times we feel powerless we will always see as bad because of our inability to change something. A big problem being, not all of the times we *feel* powerless are the times we actually are. And, for the times we are, it rarely helps to dwell on what can’t be changed. The ability we have to enact change in our world is important and feeling that way is as well.