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[OC] is a tag on Reddit to indicate that the submitted link is original content. We want other members of that community to vote and comment keeping in mind that we created the content. My best guess is this tag is probably used – at most – maybe once for every 10 posts. What does this say? To me, it says…

  1. Most of the posting on the internet is sharing of other peoples works and,
  2. most people aren’t creators.

This means there’s attention to go around. Especially for the work people care about enough to want to share with the world.

Often, the audience has more time more than most of us have content. I recently read a blog post that said the ideal video length is 2-3 minutes because people “lack the attention spans now-a-days”.  What crappy advice. It needs to be as long as it needs to be. People always have the time for the stuff they like to watch. How do they think Netflix is a thing? Is everyone watching 2-3 minutes and tuning out? Of course not.

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