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It would seem the 3 things companies keep in mind when collaborating with artists are…

  1. Identity
  2. Audience and,
  3. Medium

Identity because what you consistently do and represent make up your public perception and they are looking for an image in line with their brand(s). I’d say that with most brands, the “safer” the better. Ironically, it seems that the artists who play it safe all the time also don’t get anywhere because people like the real stuff. Things that can polarize. We can take media interviews for example. Canned PR answers limit liability – which I’m sure companies love – whereas being an artist is almost always about risk, being vulnerable, and staying true to yourself regardless of what’s safe. That’s part of what makes an artist special and that’s what true fans want.

Audience because, often, they’re looking to enter or stay in the markets the artist can reach. Who follows, say, Tide laundry detergent on Instagram? I don’t know, but I’m betting a lot more follow any one of the Kardashians. Many people care what they say. Tide and companies of that size have the advertising dollars and there are audiences they can’t reach on their own.

Medium clearly matters in collaborations and is connected with identity and audience.

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