Communication is vital

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Our ability to communicate our ideas and express what we think and feel is way more important than we give credit for. Our entire lifestyle and happiness can depend greatly on it.

When a baby is hungry, the baby cries. And it does that for every little need.

Compared to when we were babies, our experience is a bit more complex now. We understand that we can be condemned for doing the “wrong” thing and – oddly enough – condemned for doing the “right” thing. That’s what I think makes the human experience so odd. Our ability to differentiate between right and wrong, to understand our emotions, and express ourselves in a way that positions conversations to allow for the other person to better understand us, is vital to our ability to thrive.

Sometimes, I think we get ahead of ourselves and think that because technology exists, we now have an excuse on why we shouldn’t be social. Or effective in our speech. I never understood it because, in my experience, despite having grown up with computers, it’s the exact opposite of my experience.

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