We’re a social species

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We are homo sapiens and thrive off our ability to communicate thoughts and ideas. It’s how we created society. Seems to me, people who don’t communicate well in our society suffer because our society is built on communication. How have you been feeling? The doctor will ask. How will you communicate your experience to them to assist in accurately assessing your condition?

Communicating clearly extends onto social media. I wonder what this person’s Instagram looks like? What do they post on Facebook? We care. The way you communicate on those platforms matter. You don’t post on Facebook the same way you do on Twitter. Or post on Reddit the way you do on Facebook.

Your ability to pick up on etiquette on social media can determine a lot. Just like deciding what you wear today could, but more permanent. Like deciding what you’re going to talk about today, but more permanent. It’s the first time we have our own media platform to push whatever we want, you can repost memes or make your own content.

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