To be vulnerable or not

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One of my challenges is striving to care more while at the same time, not forcing a less than true attitude towards stuff. Positive or negative.

The world is constantly telling us not to be who we are, feel what we do, or express ourselves. That it’s dangerous to be ourselves. I mean, look at the media and the way they take shots at Kanye. It’s open season. Without knowing any details, we can all join in on the hate train on Facebook and many of our friends will join us. Watch an interview with him and then read the headlines and news pieces. There’s a disconnect. The far majority of the time, it would seem he’s only expressing his opinions and experiences – most of which are far from controversial. He’s choosing to be vulnerable and getting a lot of push back and name calling in the name of entertainment. Doesn’t that send a message to us too?

We almost always have this choice: we can be as vulnerable and honest as we want or, not at all. Not expressing ourselves can come with a cost, too. It’s a tremendous responsibility we have everyday. Probably best we give it some thought.

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