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I really don’t get people who complain about jobs. My intuition is telling me that jobs are really overrated and purpose is what the majority of us should be looking for.

It would seem the only people who complain about jobs (either for themselves or in the abstract) are people who lack purpose. They don’t see what they can contribute to, there’s nothing they love a lot. A lot of them don’t care about what job they do. The big interest is simply in getting someone to pay them. Why? Because they need to get back to maintaining the tasks that *most* humans have: eating, sleeping, sex, indulging entertainment, and paying bills. You could probably take most people following that pattern backwards 200 years and the only thing that would change is the technology around them while they perform these basic acts. When that’s all they choose to focus on, everything that makes them special isn’t showing.

I’m sure Elon Musk does all those things. But he’s also investing in robotics and self-driving cars; pushing the human race forward. He’s reading all the time so he can bring his visions to life.

The difference between complaining about current circumstances vs. imagining something better and trying to make it happen is vast. The latter requires accountability, it gives you the power to make change.


  • Regina Robinson
    May 12, 2017

    Individuals should complain less and do something to make a change, even if it’s a small change. Great read Willy. Keep it up, words are a powerful drug as Rudyard Kipling wrote. Regina

    • Willy James
      May 15, 2017

      Thanks Regina!

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