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How come emojis are different on every platform? It’s kind of annoying. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, LG, HTC, Facebook, Messenger (why a different set??), Twitter, Mozilla, and more all have different ways of showing you a smiley face. And so many of them look outdated or stupid. The Face with Tears Of Joy emoji. Why did Microsoft have to be different and give four tears (two going upwards)? It looks like a smiley with blue face tattoos.

I’d like to arrange a meeting between all these companies to make universal emojis. Maybe I’m the first one suggesting this here: there should be only one way to show the poop emoji. I’d like for what I sent to be what the other person receives. You know, like WYSIWYG. Type it in, finished product looks the same with some minor differences like we have across browsers.

Maybe I’m jumping the gun and don’t know what I’m asking for.

I’m aware each platform can have different design languages and a copyright on the images. But most android phones are similar enough anyway. For the most part, all the flagships update to the latest android version and adhere to those aesthetic standards. Couldn’t all android phones have the same emojis?

And another thing, how come I still don’t know how to type emojis on my computer keyboard? Apple is the first to come out with a touch bar with emojis, but it’s overpriced, underwhelming, and comes with dongles. Maybe browsers should have an addon built in. Why not? The casual social network user should be accommodated as well, that’s a big chunk of people who have no idea how to use emojis on their computers aside from :).

And did you know Sony has an emoji movie coming out in August? Me neither, but at the rate it seems studios are trying to monetize brands and sell products, it appears it was only a matter of time. I’m a fan of T.J. Miller and James Corden so I wish it luck.

In unrelated news, my banjo club short documentary (the one I received a grant from the Sprout Fund for) is just about finished. Everything is being edited together. Hang tight, thanks.

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