What Pittsburgh thinks of bike lanes?

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I’ve been wanting to make a video like this for over a year now so I decided to stop making excuses and go make it.

I’m gauging people’s opinion on the format and content for this video. I put it out on my Facebook page first to drive more traffic there. The response has been overwhelmingly positive with a few people voicing their opinion that they feel more bike lane opposers should have been represented in the video. A number of them accused it of being fixed, that the answers were selectively picked to promote bike lanes: I assure everyone that these were people picked at random and everyone I interviewed that day appeared in the video. It may be selection bias, too. Many of the detractors seem to be drivers and the people interviewed were walking downtown and could have been more likely to support bike lanes.

It definitely would have been more ideal to have the opposing opinion present as I believe it would have driven more dialogue in the comments.

I was largely inspired to make the video when I watched the StereoTypes series on iamOTHER, a channel made by Pharrell.

I’ve watched every episode, I’m pretty sure. I just loved how broad a range of opinions the show had. And it was so diverse. I’ve been thinking how I’d like to do something similar, but for Pittsburgh. And thus, Ask Pittsburgh.

My goal was to shoot something practical that could act as a proof of concept and give me a way to test the waters. It also serves a valuable way to get opinions I wouldn’t have had otherwise. If I go out and shoot another one, I’ll probably go about it a bit differently: we’ll see!

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