Shooting with Robyn Greer

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Last week, Robyn Greer, owner of The Trevor James Experience, hired me as her designated videographer to cover her talk at a school in the area and edit everything together to release on social media.

Picture by Demeatria Boccella
Picture by Demeatria Boccella

We headed to Westinghouse Academy where she taught ~10 students, 10-12 years old, about her career as an entrepreneurial hair stylist and model. Kids really seem to take a liking to her. She personally attributes this to her hands-on approach.

Robyn’s goal is to become a motivational speaker to empower and educate the younger generation. She’s quickly achieving this goal, recently being invited to talk on a panel for a film screening on Saturday, April 30th.

This was a part of the Fashion Africana after-school program orchestrated by Demeatria Boccella. Below are a few video stills from that day.


There’s a lot more video from what’s shown above. The total talk lasted over an hour but we need their parents to sign off on the permission slips to release a full video.

Tomorrow, April 30th is Robyn’s birthday. Happy birthday, Robyn!!!

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