Gossip Folks

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When we make the choice to carelessly gossip about other people to anyone who will listen, we run the risk of making ourselves appear in a negative light too. Gossiping is bad. When we partake in it, other people will assume we’ll talk about them in the same way, too. Sometimes, they’re right.

For people who have developed the habit, this is a big skill in self control. It’s like Pinocchio. He didn’t stop after his nose grew the first time. I’m only assuming of course, I don’t think I’ve ever read the original book. Was it originally a book?

You can often know in the first few seconds of a video how much effort was put in and whether or not it’s going to be of any interest to you. I think a lot of us are the same with people, we probably just give them a few more minutes on average.

Logan & Jake Paul

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Logan & Jake Paul are lighting up the internet right now and everyone on YouTube is focused on their antics. It’s interesting that very few people give credit to the work ethic that must be going into pushing out their content and ideas.

Skilled entertainers make hard things look easy.

I could only guess the process of them making their 6-second Vine videos and keeping up a social media presence prepared them to transition into making vlogs on YouTube. But it’s more than that, too. They’re leading their young fanbase of tweens/teens on an entire adventure, a storyline with all kinds of twists and turns. One brother disses the other, that one drops a diss track. One brother creates chaos in his neighborhood and loses his Disney contract, the other brother reacts. Other YouTubers watch this and spin their take on it. So on and so on. They’re all winning. It’s all entertainment to the audience.

They’re pushing out content every single day regardless of their increasing fame, opportunity, money, (self produced) controversy, and criticism. To understand the spotlight is on them, take that opportunity, and run all the way with it, producing their own content for an audience directly connected to them, that’s rare and should be applauded. They’re operating like a media company.

Chester Bennington

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Great artists change lives through their work. Chester Bennington of Linkin Park was someone who made a significant impact with music. I’ve personally listened to their music through much of my middle school experience and always thought they were incredible. I remember when AMVs featuring their music were all over YouTube.

Their music has been playing in my head off and on since the news. To hear that the lead singer passed away a few days ago under such unfortunate circumstances was disappointing. Social media was flooded with stories about how important Chester’s music was to them, detailing how it literally saved their life or helped them make it through rough times.

You can’t trade that for anything. He contributed to something bigger than himself: culture. You never fully know how important what you make is. This illustrates perfectly how you can’t put a price on the personal value of art. RIP Chester.

We’re missing context

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More often than not, context is the thing we’re missing. It’s true for a lot of assumptions we make. Some of us don’t even form our own opinions. We delegate that. People who provide that context are considered voices of that community.

This is why people who share their opinions on topics are doing a great service. They provide context and commentary.

Hard work

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It’s not an option at all. We may trick ourselves into believing that it’s not required, that we can delay the inevitable, but we can’t. Not for long. The choice always seems to be: hard work in the direction you want to go or the direction you don’t want to go. The system punishes complacency in every career. The degree of which depends on where you are in the field.

It works the other way, too. We also get *rewarded* based off of our performance.

This isn’t to say hard work is the only answer. It’s just one of the ingredients. You and I know plenty of people who work hard and get no where. I think in this world, you have to also work smart. Understanding the system that we’re working in and our current place and potential are also very important. The more we can really get into figuring out how we can get to our “point b” from our current “point a”, the better.

It’s like a video game

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Life is like a video game in a way and a big part of it is figuring out all the nuances so you can get further in it. We have traps and learning curves like video games, too.

For instance, this self destructive formula is an unobvious one: when we feel a negative emotion, we seek to numb the negative emotion. Which, in turn, numbs the positive emotions. We don’t feel the positive emotions as strongly anymore and have little to fall back on when the negative emotions come again. So we numb some more. And so on. Sometimes what we want to do is counter to what we should do.

The human experience is riddled with little things like this, things that can take you years to figure out. By that time, a lot of us have taken some hit damage. You can listen to players who have gotten further in the game – reading their reviews and watching their tutorials – or you can make a lot of the same mistakes. But the important thing is to stay learning and growing. For both life and video games, the better skills you have, the better.

Being proactive

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Choosing to be proactive and taking responsibility is hard. In the short term, we want to succumb to the path of least resistance. When we’re on the hook, we want to blame to take the accountability off of ourselves – even though accountability is power. I don’t know where other people get the inspiration to be proactive, but I have mine from not wanting to see the same situations repeat or for things to be so predictable. Doing things before we’re asked, picking up on the subtle ques, trying to understand others more and express ourselves better, appealing to some people really well and others not at all – being yourself. These are real skills.

And people can’t always teach it to us, the drive has to come from ourselves.


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When you’re trying to spread a message, it’s best not to waste too much time and energy on people who don’t get it. For me, at times, that’s easier said than done. There are many times where I’d like to give those people more time and energy to get a fuller picture. Here’s the thing: their ability to understand (or not) is completely on them. Our feeble attempts to reverse it and make it on us is pointless. A big skill is learning when to say “NEXT!”

Because a lot of people will waste your time. “NEXT!”

We have better things, more important work, to be doing.

The bureaucratic disadvantage

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I’m starting to notice bureaucracy is both powerful and painfully slow. Much slower than you and me. And it appears the smaller the town this organization is in, the slower they move. It’s like NYC companies have embedded in their culture the need to always stay relevant and understand the shifting dynamics of their respective industries. Anywhere with less competition, the need to do this would be less apparent. But I’d say the desire to innovate is what keeps companies on top and the companies that have an excessive amount of red tape accidentally choke themselves on it.

They have to get approval for everything that they do. And if the manager or boss doesn’t see the bigger picture in what their employees are doing – regardless of the potential – great ideas can be canned. This is probably why a lot of times, innovation comes from the outside.

You can see this happen a lot with tech startups and companies.

Be patient and tough

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Sometimes life will really pack it on you and the important thing to remember is that we’re becoming a more experienced human every step of the way.

There’s an old latin phrase that goes “Be patient and tough; some day this pain will be useful to you.” I think it speaks to the large ability we all have to take a crappy situation and flip it into something useful for us. Our negative experiences shape us just like the positive ones do.

To be human is to be imperfect.